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South Carolina Association for Play Therapy
Mission and Scope:
The mission of SCAPT shall be to advance the psychosocial development and mental health of all people through play and play therapy by promoting:

1. Understanding and valuing of play and play therapy.

2. Effective practice of play therapy through training, research, and support.

3. Recognition, incorporation, and preservation of diversity in play therapy.

4. Development and maintenance of a strong professional organization to accomplish these objectives.

SCAPT Board of Directors:

President: Jennifer Ferguson Elkins, Ed.D. -
Immediate President: Cynthia Crawford, Ph.D. -
President-Elect: Saundra Penn, Ph.D. -
Treasurer: Sally Moore, M. Ed. -
Secretary: Dawn White, MA -
Past President and Website Liaison: Keren Riegel, Ed. S .-
Program and CE Coordinator: Norma Kimrey Colwell, Ed. S. -
Director-At-Large: Mary Katalinic, M. A. -
Director-At-Large: Carmen Jimenez, MSW, RPT-S. -
Director-At-Large: Gabrielle Leopard, Ed. S. -